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You don't have to be poor to play the blues, or any other form of music. Playing in a club level cover band doesn't mean you have to live in poverty or work a soul-sucking job 50 hours a week.


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What We'll Cover

  • Devolping a Business Approach

    If you’re in the music business you kind of have to pay attention to the business part. It’;s the last thing artists want to do, but to survive it’s essential that you show at least as much business savvy as a kid with a lemonade stand.

  • Where to Play to Maximize Your Ability to Monetze.

    Knowing where the money is may seem like common sense but we are talking about musicians here. Where are the best paying gigs and what makes them more lucrative?

  • Contracts: How, Why, What When

    Having a contract is almost always a good idea. Unless you’re doing pro-bono benefits, the details of the deal, written and sworn to, will save you a lot heartache for you. Know about contracts!

  • The Power of Niche Marketing.

    Developing and defining your niche is key to your success. Give your audience something to be loyal to.

  • Understanding Margin

    Again, it may seem like common sense but understanding what your real profit is on a gig is a crucial part of developing a success plan. How many musicians ever really calculate what it costs them to gig?

  • Identifying Revenue Potential

    From simple hard product merchandising to to adding a digital revenue stream to your music business, understanding how-to and best practices,

  • Measuring Success

    It is important to pay attention to your growth and success in real hard data numbers. Again, something many artists would run from but a critical element in success.
    “What gets measured gets managed.” ~ Peter Drucker

  • The Power of E-Mail Marketing

    People are your greatest resource.  Learning what email marketing is all about and how musicians can have a powerful advantage using it will change your life.

  • Make Yourself MOST Valuable

    If you’re a natural born star and everybody comes to see your band only because of you, God Bless You! The rest of us are replaceable and knowing how to  maximize your value within a band is part of the plan.

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Meet the Author

Matt Nappo

Matt Nappo is a 40+ year veteran of the cover band life. Having also played in many original acts over the years, he has supplemented his income by playing in cover bands and has learned what it takes to maximize income by  decades of real-world experience. A multi-instrumentalist, who considers himself a songwriter who plays instruments out of necessity, Matt is a prolific writer and producer who also happens to play in several successful cover bands, as well as plays many solo gigs. He is also a professional video editor, web designer/programmer and marketing director. A self-employed jack of many trades, Matt has implemented the marketing techniques used in virtually every business and applied them to producing revenue for working musicians.

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